Anvile has been in all things metaphysical and paranormal for over 20 years.   As a skilled Master Tarotist and a divination authority; Anvile brings an open but cautious mind to the investigations.
Tech, electronics & gadgets are the primary contribution to the Team.  If it requires batteries, beeps or lights up Anvile is the person to talk to.  Quiet and reserved on location, providing support & guidance for the team by filling in whatever capacity is needed to complete the Hunt.
He completely believes in his wife’s abilities and her integrity in this field and because of that the critics can dispute it; but the truth is the truth in this realm and others.

LTIA Investigative Field Team

It wouldn't be the paranormal unless we looked at the multiple aspects of that word.  To that end we have Jeff form Let's Talk It All Podcast/Vodcast.   Jeff has spent an adult lifetime researching cryptids, UFOs, and more.  Bigfoot and Aliens are his specialty and he is as much an expert on the subjects as most in the field.


Our video and photographic professional; DA is a film maker and instructor at the local community college, we always apperciate it when DA is on an investigation with us. 


Our goto Intuitive Artist; Suzanne is a psychic medium that has the additional talent of an artist.  Suzanne has been with us since the start, but now her availablity is part time. We like to keep Suzanne in reserve for the investigation that are high profile and will have an impact in the field. 



Alonnie has been a psychic/medium since early childhood.  A gift and a curse, Alonnie has embraced her abilities and put these talents to use in helping others.

 What started as a “support group” for those that have had experiences with or were interested in the paranormal, eventually evolved into a paranormal research & investigative group ... S.P.E.C.T.E.R.S.
As Co•Founder, Lead Investigator, Psychic/Medium & Matriarch of the organization; Alonnie has taken a group of curious bystanders and produced an impressive investigative & research team.

Special Guest Investigators and Support Members


A man of many talent's; Mark is a film maker, author, actor, producer, musician and investigator.  With decades of experience we always welcome a chance to work with Mark be it on an investigation or some other project.