Dowsing Rods

The dowsing rod has been around for decades and decades ... one of the more cost effective pieces of equipment that can be a reliable way to detect energy fields.  .

Smartphone App - Nercophonic 

This app created by Chris Rodgers and is an app that ITC  used for spirit communication and EVP research.     .

Smartphone App - M2 Ghost Hunter

This app created by Jedasoft has proven useful over the years, especially the EVP tool.    .

Individual Body Camera

The individual body camera helps to document the investigation from the investigators POV.  Not a new idea but with the advancement of recent technologies and the  social need for better equipment .

Digital Voice Recorders

The digital voice recorder is an essential piece of equipment.  This piece of equipment can be used to document every aspect of an investigation.  .

Smartphone App - Spirit Story Box

This app created by Streamside software LLC and  has proven useful over the years, especially the EVP tool.    .

Mel Meter w/Temp sensor

The mel meter is designed to detect an ElectoMagnetic Field (EMF) and give a digital value to that field.  Although similar to the KII meter but this device gives a digital number (a value) attached to the field.  

SLS/Kinects Camera

The SLS/Kinects camera is a relatively new piece of equipment.  Using the same technology as the most popular home video game systems  today this tool (in theory) detects an entity that has been detected by a "laser" grid projected over an area.  If the system does detect something that registers as a "human" shape it will present it as a stick figure on the screen.. 

Digital Video Recorder

The digital video recorder is that piece equipment that can take documentation to the next level.   Seeing is believing as they say and a n event captured on "film"  can be a great piece of evidence.

Digital Camera

The digital camera and still photography is, much like the video, a great piece of evidence when proven authentic. .

KII Meter

The KII meter is designed to detect an ElectoMagnetic Field (EMF).  Paranormal investigations were not the original function of the KII meter.  Under the theory that spirits can manipulate an ENF, this piece of equipment can be  generally useful ... in conjunction with a baseline to rule out false positives.

IR Trail Cam

IR trail cam is a specialized piece of equipment that captures "snap-shots" of an area when investigators are not present.  Using motion activation the trail cam combines a video capture with a still camera timing .

Smartphone App - GHOST {paranormal science toolkit}

This app created by Jedasoft  is fairly new to the arsonal but we have had some interesting results.  .    .